The Best Way
To Get Started
With Marketing

The Best Way
To Get Started
With Marketing

Who we are

We are an agency cooperating directly with SALESmanago, the world's leading marketing automation platform used by over 6000 customers worldwide.


What we do

We offer the Incubator Program to companies that are willing to give Marketing Automation software a go.

What will you get

website integration
contacts import
preparation of templates of newsletters
behavioral segmentation
marketing automation campaigns

How does it work

First, you sign two agreements:

A 3-month License Agreement for SALESmanago Marketing Automation.

Then an agreement with us for refinancing the SALESmanago license fee.

After that, you receive a monthly invoice from SALESmanago and we pay for the license in your stead. After the 3-month Incubation Period ends, you can choose whether or not you want to keep using SALESmanago under standard conditions and cover the license fee on your own.


Please contact me!

contact person

Artur Maciejaszek


Marketing Automation Inkubator Sp.z.o.o.

Cracow, Poland.

REGON: 364601401, NIP: 6762508444

KRS: 000621275

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